App Availability

1. Where can I download WIPERS App?

WIPERS App is available at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery. Just search for “WIPERS” to download.


2. Is WIPERS app free?

The WIPERS App is always available and free of charge.

3. What mobile phones are supported by WIPERS App?

WIPERS App supports up to 5 generations from the latest phone OS. This is to ensure that we are not limited with too obsolete technology that compromises security and performance.

For Android, we support mobile phones with Android 7 (API Level 24) and above, which was released in Aug 2016 (approx. 5 years ago). For iOS, we support iPhones with iOS 10 and above, which was released in Jun 2016.

Registration & Login

Security Concerns

1. Is WIPERS App secured?

Our servers have multiple layers of security protection and firewall, and are subjected to regular penetration and vulnerabilities tests as per stipulated by BNM.

2. Can everyone receive notifications from WIPERS via WIPERS App?

No. Only athletes/coaches with registered mobile numbers in the WIPERS Backend System will receive their notifications.

3. Will athlete receive another athlete’s information?

No. Athletes will only receive notifications pertaining to themselves, via the registered mobile number in the WIPERS Backend System.

4. Will my personal data be shared?

No. We have a strict privacy policy, and fully comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Common Issues

1. Can athlete reply via WIPERS App?

No. WIPERS App is a one-way communication channel for athletes to receive notifications from the coaches only.

2. Why I cannot see my details?

Please check with WIPERS Management team to ensure the following

  • You are using the mobile number that is registered with WIPERS.
  • WIPERS has added your mobile number into their WIPERS Backend System.

If you are still having problem, contact our friendly support at help@1cube.my or telegram us at http://t.me/CubeHelp