Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not here, feel free to drop us an email enquiry (support@1cube.my).


1Cube App is available on Apple App Store, and Google Play store. Just search for “1Cube” and follow the onscreen instructions to download.

Alternatively, go to our website http://1cube.my and click on Download App button, and it will redirect you to the relevant store for your mobile to download the app.

Yes. 1Cube App is available free for parents, teachers and children to download from App Store and Play Store.

1Cube App supports up to 5 generations from the current phone OS. This is to ensure that we are not limited with too obsolete technology that compromises security and performance.

For Android, we support mobile phones with Android 5 (API Level 21) and above, which was released in Mar 2015 (approx. 5 years ago). Current Android is Android 10 (API Level 29), which was released in Dec 2019. For iOS, we support iPhones with iOS 9 and above, which was released in Jun 2015. Current iOS is iOS13, which was released in Jun 2019.


Upon registration, a One-Time-Password (OTP) will be sent to your given mobile number. This ensures that the mobile number genuinely belongs to the registrant. This provides a layer of security since all notifications sent from the 1Cube School Management System (1Cube SMS) is tied to the parent’s mobile number.

Anyone can download and register for 1Cube App. However, only parents whose mobile numbers are registered in the 1Cube School Management System (1Cube SMS) will receive their child’s notifications.

We have teamed up with qBayar Sdn Bhd (qBayar) to provide a seamless registration process that provides better personal information security and management. qBayar is a fintech company, licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and as such is regulated and monitored to ensure service & security integrity.

The benefits are twofold.

Firstly, your data is managed by a BNM regulated company and thus you are assured of a high level of security and integrity of your personal information. Rest assured you have full authority over what you allow to be shared from qBayar to 1Cube and its partner apps.

Secondly, there is higher efficiency since there is no more need for repeated registrations & authentication.

This is part of the service provided by qBayar which will facilitate payments for School fees and any related school matters.

You do not have to use the e-wallet if you prefer other payment methods.


Our servers have multiple layers of security protection and firewall, and are subjected to regular penetration and vulnerabilities tests as per stipulated by BNM.

No. Only parents with registered mobile numbers in the 1Cube School Management System (1Cube SMS) will receive their child’s notifications.

No. Parents will only receive notifications pertaining to their children, via the registered mobile number in the 1Cube School Management System.

No. We have a strict privacy policy, and fully comply with the Personal Protection Data Act.


No. 1Cube App is a one-way communication channel for parents to receive notifications from the school/teachers only.

Please check with your child’s school to ensure they have signed up for our service.

If your child’s school has signed up for our services, please ensure the following

  • You are using the mobile number that is registered with the school for your child.
  • Your child’s school has added your mobile number into the School Management System (SMS).

If you are still having problem, contact our friendly support at help@1cube.my or telegram us at http://t.me/ESASupport

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